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My name is Jeanette and I am in recovery. From what exactly? Well, that’s a long story. After the birth of my two children, I sought counseling for disordered eating and an eating disorder. As I went through the work of addressing and understanding my negative thoughts and behaviors, I realized that those things were just keeping my attention focused on my body instead of, well, the bigger issues in my life. So, for me, recovery is not only about taking care of my mind and body but also maintaining healthy boundaries and being strong enough to address difficult and stressful parts of life. Over the last 15 years, my recovery has changed many times. As I began to heal, I started sharing my recovery journey with others on my old blog. But then I just stopped. I am not sure why. Maybe I thought I was healed enough to not have anything to say. Maybe as I started working in social media, I wanted to be like my peers and talk about marketing strategy.  Maybe a little of both of those things.  But as I enter my mid-forties, I am realizing that my recovery journey isn’t over. In fact, in some ways, it is beginning again.  

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